Another Failure EP

by Hides A Well

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new songs + a few from the archive


released June 27, 2015

Bryan Kwasnik - air organ, bass, fruity loops, guitars, keyboards, vocals

all songs by Hides A Well.
recorded and mixed by Bryan Kwasnik at Blue Comet Recording.
artwork by Bridgette Frank.

previously unreleased:
"apology" written and recorded 2008.
"just as lazy" written and recorded 2009.
"secrets" written and recorded 2009.
"ghosts" written and recorded 2009.


all rights reserved



Hides A Well Parsippany Troy Hills, New Jersey

insecurity put to melody.

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Track Name: Out Of Focus
you put yourself in other people's shoes
just to get footprints on your back
you know this has to stop

so take your time
you're fine where you are
it's just a little bit out of focus

I like your laugh 'cos you have a nice laugh and I like it.
Track Name: Another Failure
stop, wait, I need time to make
another failure
it means a lot to me
even if it doesn't mean much of anything
another failure
Track Name: Dandelions (Hide and Seek)
a shady place, a bank safe
camouflaged lock and key
hide and seek
one, Mississippi, two...

not enough mystery, it lacks a certain I don't know
coughing up a seed caught in the back of your throat
with broken stems at your feet
wishes blown away never float back

can't let it show
it's got to get some sun another way
sit back and ask, is this all that's grown?
Track Name: Another Failure Pt. 2
a question i ask often
never has an answer
just a warm air current
sailing thru the ether
oh, what chaos
if we had all the answers
never have to stumble
just open all the presents
hey, look at that
it's just what I wanted
but drowning in desire
is just another failure
Track Name: Apology (2008 Demo)
I don't want to make a scene
but I think you owe me an apology
for what you said the other week

you were so strange and you were an escape
but you didn't solve a thing
Track Name: Just As Lazy (2009 Demo)
makes more sense if you cross your eyes
like optical illusions or posters on the door in the doctor's office
I spy with my little eye something wrong
it's not hard to forget who you are
you look familiar, do I look familiar to you?

you're just as lazy as me
Track Name: Secrets (2009 Demo)
you like to think you're quick on your feet
but you don't have an answer for me
I didn't hear what you said, but I knew what you meant
I have some secrets too and wouldn't you like to know?
you keep your secrets safe from me
Track Name: Ghosts (2009 Demo)
I'm not making this up
I wouldn't lie to you, I don't have to
I saw her face last night outside my window
ghosts feed on batteries
tonight will be an urban legend
and your little brother will tell all his friends
and my little sister will tell all her friends
ghosts feed on batteries
can you take my picture tonight?

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