Patient Architecture

by Hides A Well

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released July 11, 2019

Adam Kaniper - bass, guitar on 2
Bryan Kwasnik - glockenspiel, guitars, keyboards, vocals, wurlitzer
John Fisher - drums, vocals on 5, 7 and 12

Al-Asia Dansby - vocals on 2, 7, 8, and 12
Gregg Hoekstra - bass on 5
Jacob Egan - drums on 5
Jimmy Valentine - bass on 12
Ralph Chudley - vocals on 12
Rebekah Stickler - violin on 4, 5, 8, and 10
Steven Donahue - programming on 8
Zack Frank - piano on 5, wurlitzer on 5 and 12

recorded and mixed by Bryan Kwasnik at Blue Comet Recording 2014 - 2019.
mastered by Joe Egan at Missile Silo Studios.
all songs by Hides A Well.
artwork by Bridgette Frank.


all rights reserved



Hides A Well Parsippany Troy Hills, New Jersey

insecurity put to melody.

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Track Name: Jet Pack
the more i learn, the less makes sense
the weight will crush my brain, i think it's time to run away
fill the tank and blast off
all our things will grow dust, and the bills will pile up
all our things will grow dust, and our landlords will kick us out
but i'm at home when i'm the little spoon
i feel at home when i'm yr little spoon
Track Name: Chasing Our Tails
a tiny sound
crawls in the ear
fly in a web
buzz buzz buzz buzzing

reflection steals
a little more each time
the light in your eyes
is so dull

buzz buzz buzz buzzing
spider's sucking all the blood away

always in circles

taking the bronze
at chasing our tails
left in the dust
by our plans
spinning in circles
the landscape melts
to a cardboard backdrop
for a school play

always in circles
we all fall down
Track Name: Something Hidden
there's something hidden in the gold beneath your skin
glowing waves crash against each move
until your body can't hold it in
the way you look it hurts forever
a pain I always seek out
somewhere distant that gold while shine many years from now
Track Name: Emma
it can't be comfortable to sleep that way
spine bent, eyes half open
in limbo

emma, don't grow up

'cuz something evaporates, and floats up into space
orbits around, but never comes back

emma, don't grow up

the moon is made from the dust of things we've loved
Track Name: Winter Skeletons
the sun rises, we soak it in
dig out of the nest we've made
pull the flowers from their graves
nerves crawl thru us like vines
hair grows long and wild
our blood's filled with sap - sticky and sweet
ripened fruit ready to burst
grab everything 'til our hands are full

but we fall apart
when autumn comes
bits of skin crunch
under our feet as we walk

hearts roll onto snow, tiny avalanche
slowly dissolving
we are nothing more than winter skeletons
we can't move so we just wait

hibernation brings strange dreams
they slip into the spaces we've chiselled away
after everything is lost, we find comfort some way
hoping that when the snow melts, the landscape looks the same

but we fall apart
when autumn comes
bits of skin crunch
under our feet as we walk

hearts roll onto snow, tiny avalanche
slowly dissolving
we are nothing more than winter skeletons
we can't move so we just wait
we can't move so we just wait
Track Name: Dandelions
a shady place, a bank safe
camouflaged lock and key
hide and seek
one, Mississippi, two...

not enough mystery, it lacks a certain I don't know
coughing up a seed caught in the back of your throat
with broken stems at your feet
wishes blown away never float back

can't let it show
it's got to get some sun another way
sit back and ask, is this all that's grown?
Track Name: Unsettle
rotting flesh, sequences of agony
never viewed clearly
dried up hope has a familiar ring
a lasting grief seems to be the thing
that is the trend this year
why do we fight when it's just easier to give up
(all I know is I'm gonna get left behind)
don't give up, make some noise
freedom doesn't present itself
in a timely or convenient fashion
push this reality to forefront,
and let it become a decision
to stand up
(all I know is I'm gonna get left behind)
if you're fed up, then make a choice
please stand up when told otherwise
Track Name: Gravity
always weightless, tied to a stick
illusion of flying
like swimming in the shallow end,
toes scraping the ground
but that's okay, I'm afraid of heights
never know which steps to take
if i let go, i'll just float away
until there's no more air to breathe
Track Name: Patient Architecture
tonight I bet there'll be lights writing in the sky
and all the shapes and things we see take a billion years to make
this patient architecture has stood for so long
but we know it will all be gone some day
Track Name: Capricorn
memories from years ago shine brighter than all the time that have crept away since then
but i'll carry them to the end
they still mean everything

you'll always be running wild
faster than i'll ever keep up
but I still see you there

our friendship's a starry sky
exploding suns are slow motion fireworks
tracing lines that always lead back here
Track Name: Waking up when it's still dark
and it's strange to think about the things you think about
when you try to fall asleep but you can't
everything thing's so slow in the dark
everything moves so slow in the dark
and those things you kept inside my head
never stay where you left them
but i guess it's always for the best
everything thing's so slow in reverse
everything moves so slow in reverse
Track Name: Light Years / Exit
feeling like a lunatic screaming the end is near (abandon ship)
but warnings are the most mistrusted sentences
"abandon ship" falls on deaf ears
let's build a rocket ship
leave this mess behind
and light years will pass us by
caught in comets, side by side

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