Saria / Bookcase

by Hides A Well

I still remember that song you taught me it brings me back to where we were when we were kids what remains of ghosts that stole our flame? they hide in pictures hide from arrows and I don't want to finish this, because you won't stick around I know if I finish this you won't come back down and I don't want to miss you let's go back to how we were
I don't know where we'll go I don't know what we'll take it's so hard to tell what percent is fantasy you know when it's wrong you know when it's right you know when it's wrong and this feels right I can't wait to fill out our bookcase I'm so scared of change I want everything the same but we'll make a new same that I'll want to stay it will be strange but one day it will be something I keep obsessively I can't wait to fill out our bookcase


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released November 1, 2013

adam kaniper - bass
bryan kwasnik - vocals, guitars, keyboards, wurlitzer
john fisher - drums

art by christina vines of tiny teeth


all rights reserved


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